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    maki | minor | | | infp

    hi im maki im a big lesbian and i do art(?)

    feb 28 (pisces)

    neutral good


    eng/viet = ok!

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    find me anywhere!



    school idol tomodachi


    curious cat

    feel free to ask for discord/skype

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    hinata hajime

    kaede akamatsu

    sonoda umi

    takami chika

    kano shuuya

    hinata shouyou

    hotaru shiragiku

    rin shibuya

    kokoro tsurumaki

    ensemble stars

    midori takamine

    tsumugi aoba

    sora harukawa


    theatre clubP

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    don't follow if

    you're homophobic / racist / etc

    you're heavily involved in discourse

    you repost art

    important to know

    ok to follow if you're 18+

    rt/tweet heavy

    i reply/quote tweets a lot

    i'm rarely ever locked but feel free to rq if i am

    tons of caps and keysmashing

    i make lots of nsfw jokes

    please sb when breaking the mutual, you dont need to send an explanation but feel free to

    i will probably unfollow if you tweet excessive ship/character hate

    english is not my first language and i might make grammartical mistakes/tweet things in vietnamese

    please dont ask/pry for my age, im not comfortable with saying it

    i do not tag nsfw mentions, animals or food but will tag anything else if needed (if you want something to be tagged i usually just try and avoid rting any of it for that matter)

    won't follow back if

    we dont have similar interests

    we dont share mutuals

    dislike a majority of my faves

    started/participated in a lot of discourse